Teen Wolf Recaps – Season 1, Episode 1: Wolf Moon


Teen Wolf recapsTeen Wolf is great. It has daggy Buffy-style make-up and effects instead of full CGI. It has a gay boy whose gayness is not a big deal to anyone—and he is not a funny camp sidekick either! Read about all the other good things in the recaps. 

Season 1, Episode 1 : Wolf Moon

Scott is a scruffy-haired asthmatic teen. We first see him threading his lacrosse stick-net thingy and doing some chin-ups with his shirt off. Scott’s comic friend Stiles shows up, and convinces him to go looking for a dead body in the woods. When they get there, Stiles is caught by his policeman father, while Scott gets bitten by a wolf then finds (half of) the dead body.

Everybody Loves Stiles

Everybody Loves Stiles

Meet Allison, a transfer student. Scott looks at her with dreamy eyes. She is pretty. A shallow girl, Lydia, is also a fan of Allison because of her brand-name outfits.

Wait, what? Suddenly Scott is super-good at lacrosse. His coach is astounded.

Allison and Lydia watch lacrosse, bemused

Allison and Lydia watch lacrosse, bemused

Scott uses the word ‘litigious’ when he helps Allison out of a jam, but don’t worry, he gets really adorably dumb after this.

Anyway, the next day, Scott wakes up in the woods with his shirt off. He also seems stronger. His obnoxious lacrosse team-mate, Jackson (boyfriend of Lydia), accuses him of taking steroids:

Jackson: Where are you getting your juice?

Scott: What? My mom does all the grocery shopping.

(See what I mean? Adorable).

Jackson threatens Scott threateningly

Jackson threatens Scott threateningly

So Stiles does some Googling and printing to prove that Scott is now a werewolf (obvs). But Scott doesn’t want to hear it because he’s got a date with Allison. The date goes pretty well until Scott loses it (full moon) and runs away. He ends up wolfing out in the woods with mystery my-family-died-in-a-fire man Derek Hale. Although Derek may be evil, and he may be the one who bit Scott, and could also be the murderer of that (half) girl in the woods, Derek does give Scott some advice and helps him escape from WEREWOLF HUNTERS.

The next day, Scott walks home with his shirt off. He apologises to Allison and she agrees to give him a second chance. Things seem great until Allison’s dad comes to pick her up and Scott realises that he is a WEREWOLF HUNTER.


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