Teen Wolf recaps – Season 1, Episode 2: Second Chance at First Line

Recap by Sarah. For more posts by Sarah, visit her personal blog

Scott walks into the change rooms after (?) lacrosse practice and immediately gets SHIRTLESS. Stiles walks past and can’t help noticing that his friend is shirtless and also looking deeply conflicted about something. Possibly about whether or not he likes wearing shirts. Possibly because he found out that Allison’s dad is a WEREWOLF HUNTER. Scott shares this with Stiles and they freak out together until Stiles realises Scott is going to break down and sob like a baby so he slaps him in the face a bit. They establish that:

  1. Daddy Argent didn’t seem to recognise Scott when he wasn’t wolfing out
  2. Allison may not know about Daddy Argent’s hobby and therefore may not be a threat

Wearing shirts is really difficult, Stiles.

But it’s time to focus on lacrosse so Scott gets back into the lacrosse uniform he just took off so we could see him shirtless and heads out on to the field. Coach tells Jackson to ‘take a long stick today’ which maybe means something in lacrosse and is maybe just a penis metaphor. We hear a snippet about someone called Greenberg being an utter failure and then Jackson body slams Scott to the ground and Coach delivers some motivational advice:

COACH:  Hey, McCall! My grandmother can move faster than that and she’s dead. Do you think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother?

Scott wolfs out a little while he contemplates this question and has a go at the weird body slamming drill again. This time Jackson ends up on the ground with an arm injury and Scott starts wolfing out for real. Derek Hale shows up in the background to look good in a leather jacket and act ominous. Stiles rushes Scott off to the change rooms and away from the prying eyes of the rest of the team. Scott thanks him by jumping around in the rafters like a weremonkey and coming to attack Stiles. Stiles uses fire extinguisher on him and it’s super effective. Stiles reminds Scott that he has to keep his blood pressure under control and not get angry.

SCOTT: But that’s lacrosse. It’s a pretty violent game if you hadn’t noticed.

This is important to remember because up until now lacrosse has alternated between body slamming and dancing with a baton catchy thing. Stiles tells Scott he’s not allowed to play lacrosse on Saturday because he might kill someone and Scott protest that he’s first line, which is obviously way more important than possibly ripping out the throat of a teammate.


Scott flings himself on the bed because he’s conflicted about stuff again and Mama McCall comes in to establish that they’re struggling financially and also to tell Scott she’s coming to the game on Saturday. They have a talk about whether or not Scott is or has ever been on drugs and when he counters with, ‘Have you?’ Mama McCall makes her exit.

Scott and Stiles have some kind of video chat conversation and we find out that Jackson has a separated shoulder from all the body slamming and everyone’s counting on Scott for Saturday. Stiles sees something in the room behind Scott and starts to type a message to alert Scott but the Mac spinning rainbow wheel of death intervenes. Instead of turning around to check, Scott, like any technology-dependant teen, zooms in to see what’s behind him. Which is super smart because it’s not like the person standing behind him could see him do that or anything. I mean, they’re only standing RIGHT BEHIND HIM.

Such stealth.

Such stealth.

Turns out it’s Derek Hale and he throws Scott around for wolfing out in front of his team, which is a little unfair since it’s not like Derek did anything to help him control it because he was too busy standing there, observing everything and looking ominous. Derek threatens to kill Scott if he plays lacrosse on Saturday and then disappears in a cloud of mist out the window and leaves Scott having a slight panic attack and contemplating installing security screens.

Scott talks to Coach about not playing on Saturday and Coach doesn’t understand at all.

SCOTT: I’m having some personal issues.

COACH: Is it a girl?


COACH: Is it a guy? You know, our goalie Danny is gay.

SCOTT: Yeah, I know, Coach. But that’s not it.

COACH: You don’t think Danny is a good looking guy?

SCOTT: I think he’s good looking but I like girls. Anyway, that’s not it.

COACH: What? Is it drugs? Are you addicted to meth? Because I had a brother that was addicted to meth. You should’ve seen what it did to his teeth – they were all cracked and rotted. It was disgusting.

SCOTT: My God. What happened to him?

COACH: He got veneers.

Scott confesses he’s having some trouble with aggression and Coach says that he should be using lacrosse to work out his aggression issues. Also, if Scott doesn’t play on Saturday then he’s back on the bench permanently.

Scott’s mum texts him to tell him she’s coming to his game (again). Allison bumps into him and, after an adorkable exchange, she also tells him she’s coming to the game and that they’re all going out afterwards. Congrats, Scott. You’re going to disappoint EVERYONE no matter what you do.

Allison goes to her locker and finds her jacket which she misplaced at some point and which Derek had at some point and which she assumes Lydia put back in her locker at some point. Some werewolf vision watches Allison for a while (who the hell is that even supposed to be?) and then the bell rings again and she nearly shits her pants.

Lydia and Scott do some math problems on a blackboard together and have a semi-private conversation without any regard to the whole class sitting behind them. Lydia tells Scott if he messes up the lacrosse game she’ll find Allison a better boyfriend. Then she finishes her math problem, flips her hair and walks away.

Play lacrosse or I will cut you.

Play lacrosse or I will cut you.

Cut to: Stiles grabs Scott and makes him listen to what his dad (the sheriff) is saying to some other person. Apparently there’s going to be a curfew instigated for everyone under the age of 18 until they find the animal that killed that girl (clearly everyone over the age of 18 is capable of defending themselves against a rabid animal). Stiles suggests they find the other half of the body to help out the sheriff’s department but Scott’s distracted because Lydia is making good on her promise and introducing Allison to some dudes. Scott notices that Allison has her jacket back and bitches her out for speaking to Derek when he gave her a ride home that time Scott ran away and left her at a party.

Scott cycles over to Derek’s crapshack of a house, which doesn’t seem to have been touched since that fire that killed his whole family. But who cares? Houses with roofs are so mainstream. Derek’s nowhere in sight but Scott notices a fresh patch of dirt which look like a great place to bury half a body of a girl. Derek shows up ominously and says some stuff that’s hard for me to pay attention to because his shirt is really tight but it seems to be more of the ‘I’ll kill you if you play lacrosse’ speech because he breaks Scott’s lacrosse catchy thing.

Stiles runs into Scott’s house and once again makes me question whether the McCalls know a single thing about security because the front door wasn’t locked. So, really, can you blame Derek Hale for thinking he can just walk in and stand ominously in the dark in somebody’s bedroom? (Yes. Get some boundaries, Derek.) Scott tells Stiles he could smell blood around Derek’s house and they figure it’s probably half the body of that dead girl. Scott makes it clear that Derek’s going to be put away for the murder and Stiles is going to help Scott sort out his rage issues so Scott can play lacrosse – two super important things.

Scott and Stiles wind up at the hospital for some reason and Stiles stumbles upon Lydia. He pretty much confesses his undying love for her and she smiles and nods through it and then pulls out her Bluetooth phone earpiece.

LYDIA: Yeah, I didn’t get any of what you just said. Is it worth repeating?

STILES: No. Sorry.


Scott makes his way to the morgue (the real reason they’re here) and finds the partial body of that girl so he can sniff her blood to figure out if it’s the same blood he smelled at Derek’s house. We find out why Lydia’s at the hospital as well – Jackson was getting a cortisone shot in his arm. Lydia makes out with him for a bit while Stiles, hiding behind a pamphlet on the menstrual cycle, watches. Scott shows up and tells him the scent was the same, which is apparently proof that Derek killed that girl (might want to check on that because I’m, like, 97% sure werewolf scent doesn’t get admitted into evidence as a real thing). They decide to get actual proof by getting a shovel and heading over to Derek’s house.

Derek leaves in a car that looks pretty expensive for someone that can’t afford a roof and then Scott and Stiles show up. Something’s different but Scott can’t work out what it is so they dig a big hole looking for the body and talk about what will happen if Derek comes back before they’ve found it and vamoosed.

STILES: You run one way, I run the other. Whoever he catches first … too bad.

I think the boys are forgetting that Stiles is the only one in the equation without werewolf speed because Scott seems scared and Stiles is a bit blasé. Your friend isn’t asthmatic any more, buddy. You can’t assume he’ll die first.

They find a burlap sack containing the top half of a wolf, despite Scott’s werewolf senses saying it was human blood (told you it wasn’t good enough for a court of law). Stiles sees a purple flower, identifies it as aconite (wolfsbane), and pulls the flower out of the ground. A length of rope attaches the aconite to the burlap sack/half wolf body. Once they move the flower, the wolf becomes human again and is staring at them with her dead eyes and a face that says, ‘Bitch, why you digging me up?’

Mighty and powerful aconite/wolfsbane.

Mighty and powerful aconite/wolfsbane.

Cut to: daylight. The sheriff’s department is arresting Derek while Scott watches, feeling secure now that they have something that actually could be admitted as evidence in a court of law. Stiles decides this is the perfect time to hop into the police car and have a chat to Derek, who stares ominously and tilts his head in a way that shows off cheek bones that were chiselled by baby angels. Derek demands that Stiles stop Scott from playing lacrosse. Stiles is then dragged out of the car by his dad, who seems completely uninterested in the fact that his son was interrogating a possible murderer and more interested in the fact that Stiles lied to him when he said Scott wasn’t in the woods the other night.

SHERIFF: So you lied to me.

STILES: That depends on how you define lying.

SHERIFF: I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it?

STILES: Reclining your body in a horizontal position?

SHERIFF: Get the hell out of here.

STILES: Absolutely.

Using grammar as an excuse doesn’t make you any friends, Stiles. Trust me.

Stiles and Scott drive off in the Jeep and Scott tries to Google wolfsbane/aconite being used in burials but Google is being unhelpful and Scott doesn’t have time for this shit because he’s got to figure out HOW TO PLAY LACROSSE, GEEZ. He has a hissy fit about Stiles enjoying this weirdness and then starts having some kind of actual fit and it turns out there’s some of that aconite rope in Stiles’s bag. Totally weird because it didn’t do a single thing last night when Scott and Stiles were all over that burlap sack but whatever. Stiles gets rid of the bag but not before Scott wolfs out and runs away.

Stiles tries to use his contacts in the sheriff’s department to track down Scott but he’s 16 and probably not helping his case with questions about ‘dog-like’ people, so that was a bust.

Turns out Scott just wanted to go and sit on Allison’s roof and – ah, nope, he’s actually crawling towards her window like a total creeper.

I am Edward Cullen. Wait, wrong franchise.

I am Edward Cullen. Wait, wrong franchise.

Scott catches sight of his reflection, realises he’s being a dickwad and jumps off the roof into the path of Daddy Argent’s car. Smooth. Allison runs out and starts getting mad at her dad for hitting her would-be boyfriend and then does some face touching and flirting with Scott while her dad gets super uncomfortable and invites himself to the lacrosse game to stop his daughter from doing more face touching in public.

Scott gets ready for his lacrosse game but he’s having trouble with everyone slamming their lockers and being so inconsiderate of his heightened senses so he sits down to sulk. Stiles hopes Scott knows what he’s doing. Of course he does! He wants to be first line, he wants to touch the face of the pretty girl and he wants to have a semi-freaking normal life. Stiles makes everything better by giving him a really excellent pep talk.

STILES: Just try not to worry too much while you’re out there, okay? Or get too angry.

SCOTT: I got it.

STILES: Or stressed.

SCOTT: Yeah, I got it.

STILES: Don’t think about Allison being in the stands. Or that her father’s trying to kill you. Or that Derek’s trying to kill you. Or the girl he killed. Or that you might kill someone if a hunter doesn’t kill you first.

Scott’s face assures us that he hasn’t thought of those things before because they don’t come close to the important of face touching or whether or not to wear a shirt.

Lydia accosts Scott before the game and reminds him that no one likes a loser. Coach checks to see if Jackson’s shoulder is doing better and makes sure he’s ready to completely ignore his pain threshold and keep playing lacrosse no matter what happens. Sheriff shows up to support Stiles, who’s permanently benched but it doesn’t matter because Sheriff is a great dad.

Anyway, time for some body slammin’. Jackson knocks Scott to the ground so he can shoot a goal and Scott gets offended because Allison helps Lydia hold up a ‘WE LUV U JACKSON’ sign. Scott overhears Jackson telling the team not to pass to McCall, which is weird considering he was telling Danny and Danny’s the goalie. But yeah, don’t pass to McCall, Danny. Scott starts wolfing out and blowing steam like a dragon but it turns out everyone’s doing that and it’s just super cold.

I am fire. I am death. Wait, wrong franchise again.

In the sidelines, Daddy Argent asks Allison which one Scott is and Lydia points out that he hasn’t caught a single ball so of course the best way to motivate him is for Allison and Lydia to hold up another Jackson sign. Scott starts doing some parkour to score a goal and everyone – even Lydia – remembers that parkour is pretty cool. Scott scares the other team into actually passing him the ball and then uses some kind of super strength? Speed? Power? To burn the ball THROUGH the goalie’s stick thingie and into the goal. Scott goes completely wolf vision and growls really creepily but Allison’s voice comes through the haze like magic and Scott scores the winning goal. Everyone loves it. Except Scott, who finally realises that he’s being stupid and runs off because his wolf claws punched a hole in his lacrosse gloves.

Sheriff is on the phone looking worried about something.

Scott runs to the change rooms and punches a mirror. Seven years of bad luck for you, man. You’ve got to think about your actions. It would be far better to – oh, sure. Go up in the rafters like a weremonkey again and freak out your new girlfriend. That is a valid life choice.

Allison, who followed Scott into the locker room, seems to have completely forgotten how to walk to the exit or turn on lights when she’s being freaked out by the dark and empty change room. But she finds Scott eventually and he’s totally normal and just hanging out in the shower area (completely clothed, unfortunately). Scott apologises for being weird and Allison says she can handle weird. Now is probably a good time to remind everyone that making statements like that when you don’t have the full story is not the smartest thing to do. But it’s totally okay because Scott compliments Allison by saying she makes him nervous and some groovy make-out music starts playing so the tension is totally gone. Then they make out in the dark shower area.

Stiles walks in on them but wisely decides to back out because Scott might wolf out and punch him in the face. Allison leaves to go back to her dad and Scott has the biggest dopey look on his face I have ever seen. He starts to think maybe this werewolf thing isn’t that bad; maybe he can handle it.

Stiles decides to test this theory by dropping a bomb.

STILES: The medical examiner looked at the other half of the body we found.


STILES: Well, I’ll keep it simple. Medical examiner determines killer of girl to be animal, not human. Derek’s human, not animal. Derek not killer. Derek let out of jail.

Also, Sheriff ID’d the body and discovered that the girl was Laura Hale, Derek’s sister.

Back on the lacrosse field, Jackson picks up Scott’s discarded glove and sees the punctures from his claws and furrows his brow really hard. Derek shows up ominously and then walks away.

That Derek Hale guy is watching me ominously.

That Derek Hale guy is watching me ominously.



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