Teen Wolf recap – Season 1, Episode 4: Magic Bullet

Commas and Ampersands

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It’s the middle of the night. A woman (Kate) drives along, listening to the radio reports on animal attacks plaguing Beacon Hills. Too cool for animal attacks, Kate switches to another station and applies lip gloss while jammin’ to the tunes. A werewolf runs alongside her car and she’s probably regretting changing stations right now. She slows down in a warehouse district-looking place and nearly gets hit by someone else … even though she’s pretty much stationary … at a stop sign.

All of a sudden, SOMEONE with werewolf nails smashes her window and tries to pull her out of the car. Kate is having none of that shit so she suddenly becomes a ninja and rolls out of the car, grabbing a gun and yelling at her would-be attacker to come and get her. She fires a shot to warn them…

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