Three reasons I like True Blood more than Game of Thrones

Yep, I said it.

Game of Thrones is the flavour of the month when it comes to HBO blood-and-tits extravaganzas, but I feel nostalgic for the heyday of True Blood. Despite some screenwriting cheese and other problems, for the personal reasons listed below, I still heart the Southern Vampires Mysteries. Get excited about Season 7 of True Blood because:


1. More focus on sexy dudes

Every time we think we are going to see some sexy man-meat in Game of Thrones, the camera veers over to some boobs like it’s a homophobic college boy trying to prove something to his dorm-mates. Case in point: Greyworm tempting us for a moment before hiding his whole body underwater so we can ogle the interpreter with him instead.

As scientifically demonstrated in the images above, True Blood knows where it’s at.

As scientifically demonstrated in the images above, True Blood knows where it’s at.

*Bonus: True Blood’s queer gaze is also more varied and compelling.


2. True Blood has more to say about the world today

Social issues in True Blood

Game of Thrones is a bloodthirsty dream of an alternative middle ages. True Blood, on the other hand, always has a finger on the pulse of contemporary hate and prejudice. Vampires have just come ‘out of the coffin’ and while the coming-out and other civil rights analogies are ultimately flawed, these vampires are a powerful and threatening ‘other’. Season 1 shows how fear of the ‘other’ is so often played out on women’s bodies: ‘fang-banger’ women who dare to fraternise with vamps become the victims of a human serial killer. The show also captures the spirit of group-driven hate in its portrayals of extremist religious groups and small-town bigots.


3. True Blood is unashamed campy drama

Although GoT has its comic moments, we are supposed to take all these grey-haired men campaigning for the throne seriously, but I can’t even tell them apart and THEY ARE SO BORING. True Blood puts the fun into frightening. I will always choose Russell Edgington’s classic “We’re going to eat your children” TV news soliloquy:

over some scary Wildling threatening to eat a boy’s daddy:


So, pick up your game, True Blood. Fewer lame amnesia plots, more unpredictable, over-the-top madness.


(PS. #4 is Lafayette, obviously…)


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