Teen Wolf recap – Season 1, Episode 6: Heart Monitor

Commas and Ampersands

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Scott carries groceries back to the car – or he would, if he could remember which floor he parked on. Suddenly there’s a growl and he’s BEING CHASED BY THE ALPHA. He starts jumping on cars, setting off alarms to distract it. Seems like a solid plan but then his phone rings, giving away his hiding spot and ruining everything. Derek Hale (not the Alpha) lifts him up and slams him on the hood of a car, proclaiming, ‘You’re dead.’


Apparently the car park chase was part of Derek’s Intro to Lycanthropy class. Scott doesn’t appreciate this pop quiz, especially since Derek won’t praise him for the genius move of setting off the car alarms.

No, Scott. I will not praise you. Look at my swagger, Scott. Does this look like an ‘I’m going to praise you’ swagger? No.

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