Teen Wolf Recap – Season 1, Episode 7: Night School

We’re getting closer to The Alpha. We begin with Scott and Stiles barricaded in their school in the dark, hiding. Their friends end up joining them, so most of this episode shows Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson being chased around the school at night in various configurations. This is spiced up with the grisly attack on and murder of another poor service staff (in Beacon Hills, they are almost as expendable as police officers).


Scary wolf silhouette

The horror-style visuals of this episode are brilliant, especially the recurring shots of the long, dark, receding school halls.

We learn again how much Scott Loves Allison: for example, we hear a ringtone that’s a factory-setting bring bring, but Scott ‘knows that ring—it’s Allison’s phone’. Later the Alpha Werewolf roars, forcing Scott to wolf out (and causing Jackson terrible pain from the scratch on his neck). Consequently, Wolf-Scott nearly attacks his friends, but then he stops when he hears Allison’s voice and has a flashback of her being supercute. Unfortunately, Allison is upset by him venturing out on his own, and when they are safely out of the school, tells him not to call her tomorrow 😦

In other news, Jackson is showing a little too much affection towards Allison for Lydia’s and my liking. Lydia demonstrates her mad chemistry skillz by making a ‘self-igniting molotov cocktail’ in a test-tube (old Luscious Lips Jackson screws it up, though). Stiles basically comes up with all the escape plans and good ideas, although at one point he annoyingly tries to grab everyone’s attention by spending five minutes saying things like ‘Guys. Wait a second. Not here. One second please’ etc, instead of just saying outright: ‘This room is not safe because there are too many windows’.

The vet–Deacon? Deaton?—continues to be an enigma and a suspect.

Whoever The Alpha is, Scott and Stiles realise that his aim tonight in haunting the school halls was to get Scott to kill his ‘old pack’ (his friends) so that he will join The Alpha’s pack.


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