Lucy (by lucy)

This movie is not what I was vaguely hoping for. It’s far less Bourne Identity and Hanna, and far more Matrix. This makes sense as it’s written and directed by Luc Besson of The Fifth Element fame.

Through a strange and mostly unexplained set of circumstances, a girl called Lucy (ScarJo, FLAWLESS) accidentally absorbs into her body an overlarge amount of newly devised crystalline blue recreational drugs. These drugs take over her system and allow her to use an increasingly high percentage of her brain (because humans only use 10% of their brains blah blah), which gives her hyper-intelligence and other superpowers.

Lucy is chased from Taipei to Paris by a gaggle of Taiwanese gangsters in sharp black suits, who just want to distribute their drugs and have some fun with their machine guns. Important: at one point, when the gangsters are comically disarmed and the camera sweeps past their weapons, we can see that one of them was actually carrying a ninja star.

Morgan Freeman plays a twinkly philosopher-scientist who makes amazing powerpoint presentations—Lucy turns to him to for advice in understanding her new state of being. She is also aided in car chases and gunfights by a police officer, Captain Del Rio (Amr Waked), who is excellently non-Hollywood handsome.

Important: Again, the Taipei gangsters have great style. The t-shirt-jeans-boots combo they picked out for Lucy after they kidnapped her was SMOKING.

Perfect outfit that the gangsters had lying around in their hotel room

Perfect outfit that the gangsters had lying around in their hotel room

Supposedly hyper-intelligent Lucy, on the other hand, chooses a studded black dress and impractically high stilettos.

Stupid dress selected by Ms. extra brain function

Stupid dress selected by Ms. extra brain function

The science seemed fairly ridiculous, as did most of the plot. I did like the imaginative visual journeys inside bodies and minds and across the galaxy, not to mention through the streets of Taipei and Paris. The overarching theme of life, the universe, and everything, though, felt grandiose and overblown.


Alternative reading:

The whole story simply represents the increasingly intense hallucinations Lucy experiences after her accidental overdose. This ticks all the boxes: the munchies, animal planet style documentaries that stoners so love, psychedelic wormholes, and an epic meltdown.


3 responses to “Lucy (by lucy)

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  2. Thanks for the link! Haha. I can’t remember her shooting that taxi driver but it’s possible she did. Why would she care if he doesn’t speak English, though, when she soon picks up Mandarin through lip reading some people talking on the phone and seeing some Chinese characters on some street signs?


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