YouTube Guide: Emma Approved

A few years ago I discovered the amazingness that is John and Hank Green on YouTube. I spent many hours absorbing their intelligence and humour. And then Hank Green announced a new project. An adaptation of Pride and Prejudice for the YouTube generation. YES.

When The Lizzie Bennett Diaries began airing in three (ish) minute segments, I made sure I didn’t miss a single one. I highly recommend watching it.

Then, when TLBD finished up they started up on Welcome to Sanditon, based on Jane Austen’s unfinished writings. Another great, if short, series.

This month I started, belatedly, watching the Emma adaptation, Emma Approved.


Emma Woodhouse is a young late-twenty-something whose actual business is a form of life coaching that seems to mix of matchmaking, giving advice, and party planning. Her business partner is Alex Knightly, and despite attempts to rein Emma in, she still goes overboard in nearly every way. Considering that Emma is documenting her life by putting cameras in everyone’s office, we can safely say she’s a little bit vain.

When Harriet Smith joins the team as Emma’s new P.A things start to get a little crazy. Emma’s latest project is the match of Annie and Ryan. Annie and Ryan are successfully in love and due to get married very soon. But when Ryan’s step brother, Frank Churchill, seems to disapprove Annie gets cold feet.

Events ensue and things get a little morally ambiguous as Emma twists and meddles in lives other than her own.


Now I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of Emma. Her character is very difficult to sympathise with. To be fair, Alicia Silverstone’s Cher, in Clueless, another adaptation of Emma, was different and that movie will always be great. The adaptation on YouTube, for me, lies somewhere in between.

The girl who plays Emma is brilliant, and Alex Knightly makes me swoon.


The series isn’t finished up yet and you can still catch new episodes airing a couple times a week on the Pemberly Digital channel.


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