Top 5 movies to watch while you have a cold

When you’re sick and have had to take a day off work the best thing to do is to lay back on the couch and rest. Turn on the telly and pick a movie. Here are my top five picks for films when you’re not feeling your best.

1: Any Disney movie you know you’ve seen a dozen times. So it won’t matter if you miss bits and pieces while coughing sneezing, blowing your nose, or simply falling asleep. Today I’m going with Mulan.

2: Nothing with loud explody noises. So Michael Bay films are out. If you still want some action, why not slip into a classic? The Fifth Element is perfect. Old school Bruce Willis will protect your cold ridden bod.

3: In my experience indie films make good cold fodder. The often pretentious nature of these films can only be stomached by someone who is too exhausted to reach for the remote. The music in these films is often soothing, too, and will help you get to sleep. Once is a good choice.

4: Don’t watch movie at all. Flick to daytime TV and get your fill of reruns and Ellen.

5: Put on a feel good rom com. The upbeat music and guaranteed happy ending will ease your cold until you muster the energy to take your next dose of cold and flu. My personal fave is He’s Just Not That Into You.


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