Teen Wolf recap – Season 1, Episode 10: Co-Captain

Commas and Ampersands

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After last episode’s lacrosse game, the team rejoice over their apparent win. Scott looks around for Stiles, who never showed up, but completely forgets about his friend when Allison bumps into him. They have a quick cute conversation about nothing before Chris ushers his daughter away so Jackson’s cheekbones can threaten Scott again.

If Scott doesn’t get Jackson bitten by the Alpha by the winter formal in three days, Jackson’s going to (a) tell Allison about Scott’s secret and (b) take Allison to the formal instead.

tw1x10 1 Jackson, you told me all this two hours ago. Get outta my face.

In the locker rooms, Scott and Danny are SHIRTLESS.

DANNY: By the way, McCall, apology accepted.

SCOTT: I didn’t apologise.

DANNY: Every time you got the ball tonight, you passed it to me.

SCOTT: Every time I passed the ball to you, you…

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