Reading Corner: Speak / Laurie Halse Anderson


Speak is an award-winning realistic young adult fiction that receives intensely enthusiastic reviews on Goodreads, so naturally I thought it would be crap.

It’s not.

It is a delightful, surprising and sometimes dark adventure inside the mind of narrator Melinda, a girl who has just entered high school to face immense unpopularity over some party-related scandal from the summer. She has become selectively mute, and since each and every review of this book over-explains what has caused this girl to avoid speaking to people, you may want to avoid reading about it on The Google Machine.

Apparently the book was adapted to TV-movie in 2004, with the Melinda played by none other than K-Stew, Queen of Teenage Angst. But since the best part of the book is this narrator’s fragmented inner monologue–her nicknames for her teachers, her wry humour about high school, her word-twisting and cleverness–the idea of this movie doesn’t really appeal.


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