American TV: Does Canada Just Do It Better?

And by better I mean, more suited to my bleeding and perverse left-leaning heart.

Sometimes when I am watching a tv series it does something unexpected, something more down-to-earth, or progressive about sexuality, or morally ambiguous than I am accustomed to. This is usually the moment I realise that the tv series I am watching is Canadian.

I wrote about a twist on gender roles in the cop show Motive.

Here are some similar moments and departures:


Lost Girl,

in which casual sex and bisexuality are natural and fun, not dilemmas or psychological problems to be solved.

Bo's beaus

Bo’s beaus



In the year 2077, the corporations have taken over and apparently rule in an undemocratic, totalitarian, uncool kind of way. This seems bad. But the heroine is a law enforcement officer who believes in these power structures, which she serves and protects. She seems good. And the anti-corporate terrorists are mostly evil murdering bastards. They seem bad. But the corporations do also seem to be quite evil? Oh my poor, undiscerning, spoon-fed television brain cannot assimilate these contradictions.

Future cop!

Future cop!


Ready Or Not

I’m sorry, if you did not watch this series as an adolescent girl in cringing fascination, I’m not sure if I can explain it.

Amanda and Busy, BFFs

Amanda and Busy, BFFs


Orphan Black

The heroine of this sci-fi series has been named one of the Top 5 Characters Named Sarah by none other than this illustrious blog. The show is also a candidate for Canadian series that Just Does It Better, for those moments that strip the glamour from thrilling adventures, such as when on the run from mysterious enemies,

Sarah wakes up after sleeping in a truck in a field, and stumbles over to piss on the grass while chatting to her brother Felix.


The Camper’s Crouch


I’m sure a Degrassi fan would have more to add to these musings.


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