TV Guide: Continuum

Time travel! Future cop!

Continuum begins in a high-tech execution room of the future—in the year 2077—where we witness law enforcement officer Kiera Cameron’s seemingly accidental journey back in a time, to a year that is more familiar to us, 2013.

The resourceful Kiera wangles her way onto the police force as part of her effort to catch the terrorists who travelled back in time alongside her. Spoiler alert! There are apparently no ‘normal’ criminals in this city: these time travellin’ bandits seem to have their fingerprints all over every major breach of the law (probably not literally, they’re professionals).

Future cop!

Future cop!

Rachel Nichols, playing Keira, never overdoes her emotion. In fact, her efficient movements, serious demeanor and sad, quirked mouth are unfailingly mesmerising. This is a nice contrast, since her regular flashbacks of the future (i.e. her memories) tend towards sentimental, cloying moments with her boring little son. But it’s forgivable because the technology and social structure is imagined in pretty subtle, interesting ways, so that you sometimes wish we would get to spend a bit more time in 2077.

Back in 2013, though, Kiera teams up with boy genius Alec, who can access her comms system and help with her rather stylish burnished copper-coloured Future Cop jumpsuit. Another regular is her partner Detective Carlos Fonnegra, and of course there are the terrorists, who tend to be very attractive, violent types. They will all have their parts to play in Kiera’s mission to get back to the future and her boring son.


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