Why We Love Vampire Academy

So Vampire Academy is one of Our Paracosm’s favourite films. Reason being is that it’s delightfully playful, full of kick ass gal, eye candy to boot, fun soundtrack, humour, and a few silly cliché plot points to say ‘wha?’ to.

Let me just start with the film’s tagline:

They Suck At School

We all went to the cinema to watch this one and I have perhaps re-watched it about four times since.

The Vampire Academy books (see the Wiki here) were fairly standard for their genre, vampires and a heck of a lot of angst. But then we got Rose. Rose is one of my favourite vampire book/film leading ladies because she is strong and capable, but she also is loyal, faithful and knows when to back down. Zoey Deutch makes this role for me. Her characterisation of Rose is spot on and she hits the mark on every single one of her lines.

The Vampire Academy film (IMDB link here) stayed fairly true to the books, but the details it did change, well, they’ve never quite made sense. I’m speaking of course about the random scene at the end where Lissa (Lucy Fry) gets to make a speech about why she and her friends are so awesome.

I’m not even gonna get involved in the plot, because it’s not really relevant to my love of the film. I know that sounds a little strange, but you’ll understand if you watch it.

Still. This film is definitely worth a watch. But here’s a tip: don’t take it too seriously.

My one regret is that we’ll likely never see the sequel. *sigh*


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